Periodic examinations  
  We provide technical safety examinations of NH3 refrigeration systems on a periodic basis using qualified technicians.

Examination parameters:
EN 378
AD 2000 leaflets HP 801 No. 14
HP 100R
TRAS 110
Operational safety regulation
BGR 500 chap. 2.35 WHG
Manufacturer’s instructions

- Functional test of compressor safety devices
- Functional test of emergency shutdown devices
- Functional test of malfunction and warning messages
- Inspection of pipe insulation
- Inspection of tank insulation
- Inspection of fittings and valve caps
- Inspection of pipes and supports for corrosion
- Checking necessary signs (advice/description)
- Checking of safety equipment in control panels


The results of the examinations must be documented. After evaluation you will receive a list of repair work which may be necessary.

Please contact us for further information.