For safe and trouble-free operation of your refrigeration plant, it is a prerequisite to have a well-instructed operation and maintenance staff.

Therefore ARCTOS offers you not only the statutory standard instructions and basic training but also individual training at your site which is geared to your system, interests and demands.

Please contact us for an offer or an appointment.

A) General basics of cooling technology
    (½ day)

Covering the general basics of cooling technology, in particular:
- physical basics
- cooling circuit & components
- log p - h diagrams
- refrigeration compressors
- refrigerants
- operating fluids and environmental concerns

Training material on CD (PDF format)
Training folders can be printed if you wish

B) Ammonia-safety training (statutory instruction)
    (½ day)

Covering the following:
- operational safety regulations
- accident prevention to BGV A1
- BGR 500
by qualified persons within an internal meeting at your premises.

- description of the physical/chemical properties of ammonia refrigerant
- physiological reactions
- safety through preventive measures
- accident scenarios
- first aid, protection against fire, breathing protection, alarm and danger defence check lists
- cooperation with the fire brigade